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We aim for this to be a growing written history of the parish but within the broader national context. This is very substantially based on the work of Shan Preddy of Church House, Lyonshall, which was completed in 1999 for publication of the millennium booklet that was given free to all then residents of the parish. John Quinton-Adams has made many additions which he has kindly allowed to be available here. 


In July 2017 'A History of Lyonshall From Prehistory to 1850' was published by Logaston Press.  Written by Lyonshall residents Sarah and John Zaluckyj the book is the result of years of painstaking research and represents an authoritative guide to the development of the settlement from its earliest days to the village as we know it today.  A synopsis of the book is provided here and copies are available for purchase at a number of local outlets.


Feel free to offer additions where you have material that expands upon what is already there - whether original research, other sources or photos and illustrations. 

Lyonshall Train Station

Lyonshall Train Station

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