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Coronavirus COVID - 19 Update

Since the introduction of the government restrictions to combat Covid - 19 on  on Monday 23rd March 2020 they have changed as the threat from the pandemic has changed.  It is impossible that this website can reflect all the changes but is essential that everyone is aware or the restrictions and responsibilities that are applicable to their own circumstances. The best way to keep up to date with the current provisions is to consult the government website at  https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus.

Help available in Lyonshall

Three groups have been formed to offer help and support in Lyonshall and the surrounding area:

'Lyonshall Herefordshire' is an open Facebook group that has been formed in response to the current need for social distancing and limits on many activities.  The intention is to offer support to our local community with practical assistance with dog walking, shopping etc.  Facebook users just have to search for 'Lyonshall Herefordshire' and apply to join the group.


A WhatsApp group has been formed for residents at Whittern/Next End/Rhyse Lane/Sherrifs Lane and this may be extended to invite wider community if wished.

 Follow the link https://chat.whatsapp.com/FCiBENUyGwP46k28EE6gNC for futher details.


Another Whats App has been introduced by Daniel Sutton who lives at Grove House, opposite White Lions Meadow (the house with the green gates) to communicate and support each other over the coming months.

It can be used any way, simply from giving people the comfort of day to day contact with the outside world, through to sharing knowledge/reassurance to those looking for guidance.

If you are comfortable with this and would like to be added,  either text or WhatsApp Daniel on his mobile number 0798 4946 933, with the following information : - Full Name - Address - Mobile Number and he will add you to the group. He can also add people from surrounding villages if they wish to be added. The more the merrier! Daniel Sutton Mob:0798 494 6933 Email: danielsutton2000@hotmail.com




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