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Welcome to Lyonshall


Lyonshall Parish

Frosty Morning Sunrise in Lyonshall 11-12-07

Welcome to the Lyonshall parish website. This was established in 2007 and Lyonshall Parish Council now believes it has put together a source of useful information on news, events, community, heritage and businesses within and near to the Lyonshall parish.


After eleven years it has had over 1,250,000 visits and has brought in significant additional interest and business to the parish.


Lyonshall Parish Council is always looking for volunteers who wish to become involved in shaping the development of the site so that it is of use and interest to all in the parish and to potential visitors. Please contact Beck Bissell (01544 340747 or E-mail Becky ) if you wish to help.


Feedback on the site is always appreciated. What do you like about it? What could be improved? What isn't there that you would like to see? Do you have a question about the parish, or people who live here or used to? Click here to email your feedback.


Lyonshall Businesses

Lynhales Nursing Home

Links have been established to all known Lyonshall-based websites and they have been added to the "Traders" listing as well. If you own one of these sites and want to make changes - or have the links removed - please call Becky on 340747.


As well as the larger businesses and employers - most notably Lynhales Nursing Home and Burgoynes of Lyonshall - there is a myriad of smaller, often one-person enterprises spread across the parish. Why not apply for your own website - {for free} - as part of It is a quick and easy process to establish your own domain name, such as {}, and your own website can contain as many as ten separate "panes" of information with up to five pictures of your choice.

Click here to look at an example of one such website that has already been established. Phone Becky on 340747 and she will talk you through the simple process needed.


Lyonshall History & Heritage

Horse Drawn Tramway, Park Wood, Stone Sleepers

See the section called "History of Lyonshall" for a growing written history of the parish specifically and of the broader national context. This is very substantially based on the marvellous work of Shan Preddy of Church House, Lyonshall, which was completed in 1999 for the publication of the millenium booklet that was given free to all then residents of the parish.


Feel free to offer additions where you have material that expands upon what is already there - whether original research, other sources or photos and illustrations. Contact the page administrator for the History section to have them included.


Lyonshall Website Registration

Monthly Coffee Morning, Memorial Hall

Residents of the Lyonshall parish - or indeed people with close links to the parish - are encouraged to register with the website.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of registering is that you will get an automatic notification when a new news item is added - this provides a link that you can click on and immediately see the latest news item.


Registration will also enable you to view each other's contact details and interests, skills & services on offer. There is also a notice board on which you can post things wanted or offered.


To start with you are advised to select to receive email updates from the website - you will be able to alter this later if you want.


To register, go to "Community Services; Register" and follow the instructions. If you have trouble, phone Becky Bissell on 340747.


Lyonshall External links statement

Lyonshall Parish Council is not responsible for the content or the reliability of the linked websites. References or listings should not be taken as endorsement by the Lyonshall Parish Council of any kind. Lyonshall Parish Council cannot guarantee that these links will work all of the time and has no control over the availability of linked pages. If you come across a faulty link, please notify the "Page Administrator" (see the bottom of the page) so it can be corrected.



This site is listed in the British Towns and Villages Encyclopaedia of Great Britain and we can be found in the entry for Lyonshall


Lyonshall Website - Who pays for it?

Community Champions Fund Logo

Grant funding was obtained to support the initial phases of the Lyonshall Parish website.


Community First, Herefordshire & Worcestershire, gave financial support for establishing the website, to train people in its administration, and to enable its successful development. This funding was given from the "Community Champions" fund which itself was largely sourced from Department for Education and Skills resources.


This funding ensured that there were no direct costs to parishioners for the first two years of the website.


The Parish Council now funds the website from monies raised under the precept - another name for council tax. The annual budget is around £200 for the website.


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