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Welcome to Lyonshall

Parish Council; Home
Message from Lyonshall Parish Council

We hope to see local residents and hear your ideas over the coming year.


What is the Parish Council for?

The Parish Council is responsible for making and implementing decisions on community issues and services and must try to reflect the full range of opinions within its community. The Parish Clerk is Kate Lomax who is paid a small amount to administer the affairs of the Council.


The Council is asked for a local opinion on all planning applications which affect the parish, and it prepares comments based on the local perspective. This is taken into account when Herefordshire Council determines such applications.


The Parish Council raises some money as part of the council tax and has some discretion over how this is spent. The Council regularly seeks the views of the community about improvements within the parish. The aim is to accomplish small enhancements and to give some small grants to community groups. The parish precept is currently £10,000, approximately £40 per household p.a.


The Parish Council also runs the Lengthsman Scheme and the Footpaths Scheme - these are both funded by additional monies from Herefordshire Council. Our Lengthsman is Patrick Edwards from Stores Row and our Footpaths contractor is Phil Eggerton from Eardisley. These schemes enable us to get approximately 45 days work each year on cleaning & tidying, drainage, verges, hedges, signs, and footpaths.


Question Your Councillors

Feel free to question your Parish Councillors, your County Councillor or your MP - or pass them your comments/suggestions.


You can contact the Parish Councillors directly by means of the contact details on the directory on this website (as long as you have registered - see Community Services: Registration). Alternatively, why not post a question on the notice board? (see Community Services: Notice Board). If you have a question, the chances are that others would benefit from knowing the answer as well.


The Herefordshire Councillor and our MP can be tracked down by using the links from this website to their own - (see All Information: Links).




Follow this link to the Herefordshire website to see details of the Register of Interests of Lyonshall Parish Councillors:


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