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Opportunity to buy cheaper oil!

(published by: Parish Council)


Community oil purchase can save you money!

The Parish Council have recently been investigating opportunities to buy cheaper oil, however there has been difficulty in recruiting a co-ordinator to run such a scheme. After some research it is still possible to use bulk buying power through Community First.

Community First supports projects in our area and co-ordinates an oil buying scheme to help drive down the cost of oil in rural communities. The scheme keeps money in the local economy, builds a greater sense of community and co-operation and helps tackle fuel poverty.

This scheme is open to all householders, schools, village halls and businesses in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. As a householder you can join the scheme for £20 per year.

A bulk order is placed monthly, so you can order when you need to top up your tank. Oil purchased in March by Community First was negotiated at 50.7p per litre plus VAT. The next bulk purchase Community First will be making is 28th April 2014, so there is plenty of time to investigate and see if they can save you money.

There are many benefits to joining the scheme so if you are interested you can find more information on the Community First Website or Call 01432 371985 or contact

Please take a look at the leaflet attached.

Information about bulk oil scheme leaflet



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Newsletter April/May 2014

(published by: Parish Council)


New from the parish council this month is an informative newsletter keeping our parishioners up to date with news from Lyonshall.

Click on the document link to find out what's happening in your area.

Newsletter April/May 2014


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Come along for Afternoon Tea

(published by: Parish Council)


New Community Event open to all

Why not come along for Afternoon Tea on Friday 25th April in the Memorial Hall 2 -4pm

This is a community event for all ages and is a great opportunity to meet up with old friends and hopefully make some new ones too!

Hope to see you there!

Afternoon Tea Friday 25th April 2014


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Helpers still required in charity shop 27-3-2014

(published by: Baker’s Meadow Playground)


Dee Wetherill has once again kindly organised the Community Charity shop in Kington, for the week starting Friday 4th April.

Donations have been received with many thanks, but Dee really needs more people to help her man the shop, especially on each of the Fridays' for setting up and clearing away.

If you can spare half a day or even a whole day to help out then please contact Dee on 01544 340545

All funds raised will support Bakers Meadow play area.

Thank you.


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Can you help with the Centenary Commemorative Project? 24-3-14

(published by: History of Lyonshall)


The Lyonshall History project in conjunction with Lyonshall in Bloom are seeking assistance from members of the community.

Any information regarding memories and memorabilia from living relatives of the fallen in the Great war of 1914 - 1918 would be appreciated.

Please follow the document link for more information or contact:

Major (retd) John Quinton Adams or Julia Evans on 01544 340218 or email

Centenary Commemorative Project 2014



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Name for New Houses? 17-3-14

(published by: Parish Council)


new build
Click the image to enlarge it

What do we want to call the new affordable housing development next to The Close? Shropshire Housing need our suggestions by the end of this month - so please get in touch if you have a good idea!

Please email Kate Lomax with your suggestions



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Royal George - Public Meeting Report 13-3-14

(published by: Parish Council)


Yes vote 13-3-14
Click the image to enlarge it

A well-attended Public Meeting was held on Thursday 13th March 2014, with the sole focus of deciding whether or not the Parish Council should take steps to arrange a borrowing facility with the aim of buying the pub for the community.

The meeting was, formally, an extraordinary Parish Council Meeting, and there were 68 people in attendance. Many parishioners who were unable to attend the meeting had already given their views by email and by hard copy ballot papers.

The presentation slides that were used to brief the meeting are available on the document link below this news item, and a picture of the resounding "Yes" vote is shown here as well.

The result is that the Parish Council will move forwards in the process of applying for a loan facility, and volunteers are sought to take an active part in a Pub Management Group to lead the community's initiative to secure the future of the much-loved pub.

Volunteers should initially make contact with the Parish Clerk, Kate Lomax, on 01544 340092, or email on

Public Mtg Presentation (Edited) 13-3-14


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Royal George - should the Parish Council try to buy the pub? - 1-3-14

(published by: Parish Council)


The Royal George is shut and in limbo, as the planning application to develop part of the plot is in the decision-making process. What should be done when (if) the proposal is refused?

The attached paper (click on the link below this news article) sets out some of the salient facts, and proposes a way forwards - that we should at least be ready for in case there is a need to move quickly.

A public meeting (which will in fact be an extraordinary Parish Council meeting) will be held on Thursday 13th March at 7.15pm at which your input would be much appreciated.

If you can't personally make the meeting, or members of your family won't be there, then please complete the voting slip on the bottom of the briefing paper so we get as much input as possible. Please return these slips by 5pm 13/3/14 so we have the input for the public meeting.

Door to door notice 1-3-14


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Can you help us?

(published by: Parish Council)


Lyonshall Parish Council is looking for someone to work part time to help our Parish Clerk.

The Parish Council is doing more and more work and this is likely to increase as Herefordshire implement more cuts. Consequently the Parish Clerk is doing far more work than was ever envisaged when she started and we really need someone to help out.

This is a comfortable and flexible part time job that can be done from home. We are offering 6 hours’ work a week at £8.42 an hour for an initial period of 13 weeks to give the person an option to try the job, and for the Parish Council to see how the new arrangement works. If it goes well for both parties we hope that this could be extended into an on-going job.

We have only advertised the job in the Parish because we want to provide employment for someone from Lyonshall. The initial advert has not attracted the response we had hoped for so we have extended the application period.

This job can be flexible and be designed to suit the applicant. It would give someone the opportunity to earn money working from home whilst at the same time helping the local community. The Parish Council is working on a lot of interesting projects from the building of the Affordable Housing to the finalising of the Neighbourhood Plan which once passed will then need to be implemented.

The Parish Council work is done by an informal dedicated group of people trying to improve and develop the community we all live in. If you even think that you might have an interest call me for an informal chat before you look at the official advert and application form. My telephone number is 340 409

Please give me a call, let me talk to you about the job and you can see if you are interested.

Paul Avery

Chairman Lyonshall Parish Council

Tel: 340 409


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