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Car Key Burglaries

In recent weeks, several homes have been broken into in an attempt to steal car keys and vehicles from properties.


We encourage people to be vigilant with their vehicle security and follow the below crime prevention measures in an effort to deter potential thieves:


·  Keep your keys/fobs and valuables out of sight

·  Lock your car away safely in the garage, if possible

·  Fit a high quality alarm to your vehicle

·  Use extra security systems; immobilisers and visible security locks

·  Lock gates, where possible.

·  Keep keys on your person when leaving the vehicle unattended

·  Secure all doors, windows, the boot and sunroof when leaving your vehicle

·  Add additional motion sensor lighting to areas where your vehicles are parked

·  Consider using signal blocking bags such as Faraday bags to store keys in.

·  For houses with multiple vehicles, make it harder for the car to be taken; park the lesser valued vehicle behind  the more expensive one on the driveway



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